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Hello! I'm Ella, and I am happy you stumbled upon this blog! Hamster Headlines is a blog about... you guessed it... HAMSTERS!! Here you will find info about hamster care, cute pitures and videos, and bios of many hamsters that I choose to put in the 'Spotlight' section of this blog!.

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Norma, Angel, Bella, Jerry, and Trey!
Tuesday, June 2, 2015 • 7:30 AM • 0 comments

Here are spotlights of four adorable little fur-balls, from HamsterLoverVanessa!


Norma was a 1.7 year old Syrian hamster, who would love to cuddle, and never -ever-  bit. She didn't like wheels very much, but boy did she love to run around her owner's room! She dislike store bought treats, but happily munched on corn, eggs, pumpkin seeds, broccoli, and rasberries! She loved Vanessa so much, she would lick her hands! Awww! 

Angel is a 9 month old Syrian hamster, who is quite the shy one! She seems to hold a very strong grudge against all pants, which she quickly attacks, and shreds! She enjoys stuffing her cheeks, and belly full with fresh green brocoli, and sunflower seeds are ALWAYS a plus! Who can look at that face, and not fall in love with her? 


Bella was a 9 month old Syrian hamster. Vanessa adopted her from Petco, after hearing that she was attacking all of the employers, and decided she wanted to give Bell a good home. She was very territorial, and hyper, but sweet in her own little way!
Her favorite munchies included banana, and yogurt treats! She had an odd habit of slamming into the igloo placed in her cage, for whatever reason, and duck tape was her favorite chew toy! What a cute little ham!

Jerry is a laid back, 1 and 6 month old Chinese hamster, who favors banana, cucumber, and sunflower seeds! He loves being with his hamster friends, but is a bit shy when being confronted or introduced quickly. He is sweet, however will occasionally bite Vanessa! He's sooo little!! 

Trey is a slightly shy little 9 month old Syrian, but when he warms up to you, he is quite hyper! He love chasing things, and stuff his cheeks full of brocoli, apple slices, and sunflower seeds! That little face!

Thanks so much, HamsterLoverVanessa, for volunteering to be one of the first Ham Spotlights!
And also, sorry there was no Question of the Week.... no one asked any questions! Noooooo!!! But it's ok, this week's topic is.... drumroll... housing, cages, stuff like that!
Thanks, everyone. And once again, stay tuned today for even more spotlights! 🐹

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