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Hello! I'm Ella, and I am happy you stumbled upon this blog! Hamster Headlines is a blog about... you guessed it... HAMSTERS!! Here you will find info about hamster care, cute pitures and videos, and bios of many hamsters that I choose to put in the 'Spotlight' section of this blog!.

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Jadewolf's Misha!
Tuesday, June 2, 2015 • 6:30 PM • 0 comments
Another Ham Spotlight, coming right up! This one is from HH Forum Member JadeWolf!


Meet Misha! She is a maybe 3-4 month old dwarf hybrid, named after Rexxar's bear in Warcraft 3! This hamster, a foodie with a very fine palette, savors millet! In fact, her catchphrase is "Give me millet, or give me DEATH!!"
She currently works as a forager, and runs around at night attempting to catch and store delicious nibblings! Her current mission, according to JadeWolf, is to capture the walnut, something she has not yet learned to do! This soft-furred hamster is very adventurous and daring, however, still loves a nice cuddle! Awww!

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